That'so On The Go


Who: Babes who bronze

What: Sunless tanning spray

Where: Chalk Salon & Co.

When: As soon as you can get your paws on it!

Why: The best way to tan your face! This gives you an intense tan and deep hydration. The sugar cane extract will give you an instant tan.
For a more intense result, an edible tanning pigment that are completely safe for your skin are added.
That'so On The Go Dark formula also contains Matrixyl™, a powerful anti-aging ingredient.
Plus, it has a delicate almond scent upon application. Its natural formulation respects your skin and leaves no stains.

How: Spray directly on the skin in a continuous and uniform motion, keeping the spray about 30 cm from the skin. Allow to dry without rubbing or use a hair dryer for faster results. The product can also be sprayed on That’so double use glove and then applied to the skin.

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