We are not offering lash extension services at this time.



Lash lifts are an incredible alternative to lash extensions, offering a natural look that allows you to ditch the lash curler and mascara. The process is simple: first, your technician applies a gentle lifting solution to your lashes then, a setting solution is applied to lock in that lifted curl. This is a super low maintenance service as you lift lasts for the remainder of your lash cycle which can be 6-8+ weeks! Add a custom colored tint to the mix and you’ve got darker, lifted lashes without the daily hassle.

Lash Lift- $75

Lash Tint- $30

Lash Lift and Tint- $91-$102+



We’ve got every service you need to keep those brows in check!


Waxing- Option of soft or hard wax: $21

Threading- $19


This treatment offers individuals a quick and effective way to achieve perfectly groomed, fuller-looking eyebrows without the need for daily maintenance. The brow lamination process involves applying a specially formulated solution to reshape and set the brow hairs in place, resulting in a more uniform and lifted appearance. This technique not only adds volume but also enhances the natural shape of the brows, making them appear thicker and more defined. With its long-lasting results, brow lamination proves to be an excellent choice for those seeking effortless brows that stay on point all day.

Brow Lamination- $60


Ditch your brow pencils and opt for a low maintenance brow service! We offer both tinting and Henna brow options for adding color and definition to your brows.

Tinting brows involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the brow hairs, which helps darken them and add definition. This technique is often done using chemical-based dyes and lasts for around 4-6 weeks. On the other hand, henna brows utilize a natural plant-based dye derived from the henna plant. Henna provides a longer-lasting effect, typically lasting up to 6 weeks or even longer. It also has the added benefit of staining not only the brow hairs but also the skin underneath, resulting in a more intense and defined look. Additionally, henna can be customized to achieve different shades ranging from light brown to deep black, whereas tinting usually offers more limited color options.

Brow Tint- $22+

Henna Brows- $35?**

Brow Lamination + Tint- $85+



We offer full body waxing with both soft and hard wax options.

Brows- $21

Lip- $13

Chin- $13

Full Face- $43

Underarms- $21

Half Arms- $27

Full Arms- $37

Half Legs- $37

Full Legs- $75

Bikini- $37

Brazilian- $48

Stomach- $37

Chest- $48

Back- $48

Toes/Feet- $16

Full Body Package- $



Jelly masks produce a soft, vacuum-like seal over the face that allows for nutrients to penetrate deeply while providing deep hydration to the skin in only 15-20 minutes! They also lock in any ingredients applied prior to the mask because it doesn’t allow it to evaporate so you maximize the benefits of every product used! We use the incredible Quannessence skincare line before jelly mask application.

PS- these masks are SO aesthetically pleasing- you’ll definitely wanna snap a shot for the gram!

BAMBOO CHARCOAL (deep cleaning & soothing)- Detoxifying, Fights acne, Brightening, Increases product absorption

CHAMOMILLE PETALS (hydration & repair)- Reduces skin irritations like eczema, rosacea , and psoriasis, moisturizing and soothing, Calming effects after deeper and more abrasive skin treatments, Reduces blemishes and signs of aging

LUXURY 24K GOLD (firming, purifying & cleansing)- Strengthens elastin, Reduces age spots, Promotes glowing, healthier looking skin, Stimulates blood flow, Soothes sensitive skin and cools inflamed cells

LAVENDAR (blemish reduction)- Reduces inflammation, Effective in treating acne prone and oily skin, Also great for soothing eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, Rejuvenating and calming

Add a jelly facial to your next salon service or book as a separate appointment $70+


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