Your lash technician will evaluate your natural lashes and also take into account your lash extension retention history. If you tend to lose more extensions between fills, your technician may recommend booking more time for a lash fill. After a few fill appointments, your technician will be able to recommend you book for a BASIC, EXTRA, or SO EXTRA appointment to ensure full coverage.

The beauty of this way of booking as opposed to weekly based fills is that it is 100% customizable for each client. Your technician will make an appointment time recommendation based on your natural lashes and retention so we can get your lashes as full as possible every appointment. However, this is only our
recommendation; the client can choose how long of an appointment they
would like to have as well as how much they want to spend at each
appointment. If the client chooses to book for lesser time than recommended, our lash technicians would not be able to guarantee full coverage but would do as much as they can within the time allotted.


Full Sets


Classic lash extensions are applied in a 1:1 fashion. Perfect for those wanting a natural, “mascara” extension look. Your technician will assess your natural lash and recommend a fill time based on a 4 level appointment system. Classic lash fills are a faster appointment than Hybrid or Volume fills so your technician will make her recommendation accordingly.

Hand made, customized volume “fans” are applied to natural lash. Technician assesses natural lash to determine the appropriate extension to provide desired look without compromising the integrity of the natural lash. Volume extensions are far more customizable and can be full, voluptuous and glamorous or soft and fluffy. Technician will then make a recommendation on a fill time based on a 4 level appointment system.

Prices vary based on service provider


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Lash Levels


BASIC:  $40 - $60, 1 hour (Lash Fill Appointment)
Touch up appointment. Ideal for clients with very sparse natural lashes or for quick fill ups in between regular appointments.

EXTRA:  $60 - $80+, 1.5 hours (Lash Fill Appointment)
The standard. Ideal for lash wearers with relatively good retention wanting to keep up a full lash look.

SO EXTRA:  $70 - $90+, 2 hours (Lash Fill Appointment)
The load up. Ideal for lash wearers wanting a super full lash look, those with not great retention, or those who are going longer between lash fills.


*If you are booking from another salon, we will fill over another technician's work if we are able to. Please book for a SO EXTRA fill to allow for ample filling time. If existing extensions are not to our standard, we will recommend a removal and discuss a plan to get your lashes back on track!*



Lash Lift --- $60+

Ideal for the client wanting a low maintenance, natural lash look. Lashes
are lifted to create the effect of having them curled without the use of a
conventional, damaging lash curler. Lasts for 6-8 weeks when properly
maintained at home.

Lash Tint --- $25

Ideal for the client wanting a low maintenance, natural lash look. Lashes
are tinted to create the darker appearance that mascara provided without
the clump. Lasts for 2+ weeks when properly maintained at home. 

*Combine lash lift and tint. --- $80.*

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