If you’re a long time client of Chalk Salon & Co., you know that we are passionate about creating awareness around mental health and wellness. We have all been touched by a family member or friend struggling with mental illness, and it’s a cause that we have dedicated time and fundraising towards over our years in business. We collaborate with local organizations and companies like Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon and Evolve Counselling Saskatoon to brainstorm new ways of spreading awareness and providing support resources for those struggling with mental health issues and focus on supporting organizations like Prairie Harm Reduction and Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services that directly give back to our local communities. Follow us on social media or our website for updates on current projects and fundraisers.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Practices and Eco-Friendly Services

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices and eco-friendly services, we have partnered with Green Circle Salons to ensure that every aspect of our salon operates in an environmentally responsible manner.
One of the ways Green Circle Salons allows us to recycle is through their comprehensive recycling program. They provide us with specialized bins for collecting and separating various salon waste such as hair clippings, foils, color tubes, and even leftover chemicals. These materials are then sent to approved recycling facilities where they can be repurposed or disposed of safely without harming the environment.
Another significant contribution from Green Circle Salons is their support in redirecting salon waste away from landfills. Through their partnership with TerraCycle®, they help us transform items like empty product containers and packaging into new products or energy sources. By utilizing this innovative system, we minimize our environmental footprint by reducing landfill waste and conserving valuable resources.
In addition to recycling initiatives, Green Circle Salons also assist us in adopting more sustainable practices within our salon. They provide educational resources and training programs that enable us to implement energy-efficient technologies and reduce water consumption without compromising on quality service. To learn more about Green Circle Salons and how we are striving to create a more sustainable future for salons, click here!