Chalk Salon & Co. was established in 2019 by sisters Lorelle and Sarah Perrin. Both sisters got into the beauty industry after graduating from high school and opened their first shop in a basement suite in 2012. From there, they opened their first commercial space in 2014 in downtown Saskatoon called “The Shop Hair & Esthetics Studio”. Through working on the floor with clients and owning a small salon for 4 years, Lorelle and Sarah took the best of they learned, rebranded and reopened a new salon location at 40-632 1st Avenue North; Chalk Salon & Co.

Lorelle is our lead hairstylist, associate educator, and Chalk president, while Sarah is an esthetician and marketing specialist, sitting in our VP position, and between the two of them, they aim to create a welcoming, professional space that both employees and clients love being a part of.

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CHALK SALON & CO. the origin story behind our name

When trying to decide on a name, we wanted to think of something outside of the box that didn’t have anything to do with the salon industry. We kept going back to “material” based brands like “Nylon Magazine”, “Paper Label”, “Concrete Clothing”, and we loved the idea of some type of common material… that’s when “Chalk” came to mind. 

Not only did we think “Chalk” would work well with our branding and marketing strategy (think “Chalk Talk, #getchalkd, Chalktober, Chalk Box etc,) but when we dove more into it, we found a reason to love “Chalk” even more…

One way the actual material, chalk, may be used is as a filler when building foundations. In this case, the affected area of the foundation is filled with compacted layers of crushed or powdered chalk. This helps to create a stable base for the structure by providing support and preventing settling.

 We like to use this as an analogy for us as an overall business, for both our team and clients alike. As team leaders, we are here as a stable base to provide support and guidance to prevent “settling” in an unfulfilling career. As service providers, we believe in providing a safe space that every guest feels comfortable in (and providing services that make you look as great as you feel)