Aria Beauty Air Wrap


Aria's Air Wrap curling attachment works with most hair dryers to wrap, curl and set your hair.

How to use:

  1. Push on your Air Curling Attachment to the blow dryer of your choice.
  2. Start with 80 percent dry hair.
  3. Section and clip your hair up so it's out of the way and you're only working on 1" sections at a time. Your section should be no wider than the attachment.
  4. To choose the direction of the curl, there are helpful arrows on the barrel to direct you. Keep in mind to switch the direction of your curls. Hold it upside down.
  5. You can manually wrap your hair or let the airflow wrap it. Hold your section of hair in the middle and place the barrel next to your ends until they catch and wrap. All you have to do is move the barrel towards your head.  
  6. Use high heat and airflow. Hold for 15 seconds, or until hair is completely dry before setting with cool air. 
  7. Set curl with the cool air for 5-10 seconds.
  8. Move on to the next 1" section of hair. 
  9. Turn dryer off between doing each section. 

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