Kerasilk Activating Scalp Foundation


Who: All scalp types

What: An activating micro-foam infused with Biomimetic Silk & Ectoin. Kerasilk's 100% vegan formula moisturizes, stimulates and rebalances the scalp to strengthen its natural protective layer for a refreshed and energized scalp feel.

Where: Chalk Salon & Co

When: Like, yesterday!

Why: Gives a refreshed and energized scalp feel, moisturizes to combat and prevent dry scalp, nourishes, soothes and helps to rebalance oily, flaky or dry scalp and reduces scalp irritation, provides ideal base for the absorption of KERASILK scalp serums

How: Apply evenly to wet scalp. Distribute gently. Process for 5 min or longer if desired. Rinse off.

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