Nuda Self Tanning Mousse


Who: Babes who bronze

What: Sunless tanning mousse 

Where: Chalk Salon & Co.

When: As soon as you can get your paws on it!

Why: Achieve a flawless and even natural-looking complexion with our velvety and lightweight tanning mousse. Easy to apply, fast drying and streak-free. This mousse will leave your skin radiant, smooth and hydrated. It also smells like a tropical vacation!

The Medium shade is perfect for those fair to medium skin tones or first-time tanners who are looking to achieve a natural-looking complexion.

The Dark shade is perfect for those medium to dark skin tones who are looking for a dark golden glow.

How: For the easiest, most seamless application, use the Nuda applicator mitt. Apply in a circular motion to clean, dry skin evenly. Wait 5 minutes before getting dressed. 

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