Living Proof

Perfect Hair Day, Dry Shampoo

*paraben, silicone, cruelty free*

Who:  Any and all hair types

What: Dry Shampoo.

Where: Chalk Salon & Co.

When: You needed this like, yesterday!

Why:  This dry shampoo is different than the rest because it doesn’t just mask and cover dirty hair—it cleans it. Living Proof’s Triple-Action Cleaning technology contains fast absorbing powders that soak up oils and sweat while the patented Healthy Hair Molecule helps to remove powder easily with brushing, resulting in actually clean hair. This dry shampoo also contains time release, odor neutralizers that make your hair smell so fresh and oh so clean.

How: Hold from a bottle’s length (6-10 inches) away from head. Spray oily sections of hair, wait 30 seconds, and brush out. 


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