Extreme Bleach Recovery, Fortifying Shampoo


Who: Bleached, lightened hair

What: Gentle, fortifying shampoo

Where: Chalk Salon & Co.

When: You needed this like, yesterday!

Why: This shampoo has a deeply nourishing and reparative formula for even the most brittle and sensitive lightened strands. It is jam packed with the miracle ingredient, Cica, and blondes will notice a difference in their hairs integrity after just one use!

How: Apply to damp hair to cleanse and strengthen. We recommend following up with a toning shampoo (check out Redken Blondage) to tone brassy blondes.


What is Cica?

All of these products contain an ingredient called Cica, short for a plant called Centella Asiatica. This plant has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for years, but recently it has been recognized as a “miracle ingredient” in skincare products! It contains many different vitamins,nutrients and antioxidants meaning it soothes, repairs, protects, brightens and moisturizes the skin. So the crew at Redken realized that if these properties are beneficial in skincare, how would it work for busted, broken, blonde hair?! And thus, this incredible reparative trio was born!

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