Amika Realm of Repair Holiday Set


Who: All hair types

What: Step into a repair-allel universe with this value set of the kure bond repair shampoo and conditioner, the kure intense bond repair mask, and the wizard silicone-free detangling primer.

Where: Chalk Salon & Co.

When: You needed this like, yesterday!


  • the kure bond repair shampoo: a bond repair shampoo that gently cleanses, while resulting in 7x more repair hair after one use.
  • the kure bond repair conditioner: a moisturizing bond repair conditioner that results in 7x more repair hair after one use.
  • the kure intense bond repair mask: ultra-rich, reparative mask that is clinically proven to result in hair that is 3.2x stronger.
  • the wizard silicone-free detangling primer: a silicone-free, lightweight primer that reduces frizz, protects against up to 450° f heat, and detangles all hair types.


  1. massage a quarter-sized amount of the kure bond repair shampoo into your hands, then lather through fully wet hair, focusing on the roots. rinse.
  2. double cleanse. the first time to cleanse, and the second time to reap all the benefits this shampoo has to offer. fully rinse out.
  3. squeeze excess water out of hair before applying the kure bond repair conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. use comb to detangle and evenly disperse product. let sit for 2-3 minutes. rinse.
  4. apply the kure intense bond repair mask from mid-lengths to ends. leave on to penetrate for 10 minutes and rinse. for low porosity hair, use as a weekly treatment in place of conditioner. for high porosity hair, use in place of your conditioner every wash day.
  5. finish shower off with cool water to seal in moisture and close the cuticle.
  6. towel dry hair, then spray the wizard silicone-free detangling primer from mid-lengths to ends, then comb through.

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