Have you ever wondered what Reiki is and what the benefits are? Melanie McLean, our very own Reiki practitioner at Chalk Salon explains how this treatment can work for you below:

"Somatic means relating to the body and we all know that our body talks to us All. The. Time. When we listen to it, we are well; when we don't, we can become sick. When we learn to listen to our body and trust it, we learn to trust ourselves. Because Reiki is a type of energy healing, linking the body with this energy is extremely powerful, it's honestly magical. 

In a reiki session, I will connect with your energy as you relax and listen to peaceful music. I will feel for blockages or imbalances in your chakra system and help to open or balance them so that you feel lighter and more settled in your body. When the session is over, I will talk to you about what I've felt and send you home with tangible tools so you can stay in this state of ease and flow.

It is my absolute pleasure as your practitioner to help connect you back to your body so you can show up as your true self and go about your daily life with more confidence and ease. I want you to connect and get to know the badass you already are! Working with energy and helping others access their own magic is my gift and my true calling so please reach out with any questions you may have regarding this service.

I look forward to working with all you lovely souls!"


Reiki services are offered both in salon and by distance and you can call the salon, book online, or message Melanie on Instagram @melaniemcleanyxe to reserve an appointment!